Cancellation Policy

Waterfront Resort is a thriving, growing business that strives to meet the needs of our customers in any way possible. Part of our success is maintaining a flowing, working schedule that meets needs and expectations. You have expectations AND we have expectations. We understand that life happens and things come up that can cause a change of plans - but to have a customer cancel the “week of,” sometimes the “day of,” not only affects our bottom line but also affects others who had to schedule a different time/day since you potentially reserved their preferred time. 

Effective immediately, our new cancellation policy listed below is in full effect. No exceptions.

  • Cancellations less than 7 days of your reservation will be nonrefundable.

  • If the customer prepaid or paid any amount for time and equipment when the reservation was made, this amount is also nonrefundable if cancellations occur less than 7 days after the reservation in question.

  • Cancellations with a two week notice will result in the customer being charged half the amount paid for the time and equipment reserved.

  • Advanced reservations of 90 days or more require a 60 day cancellation notice prior to the reserved date for a full deposit refund.

  • If the cancellation is less than 60 days, the full deposit will be refunded ONLY if the vacancy is eventually filled.

  • No deposit refunds on holiday reservations or on reservations made less than two weeks in advance.

It is our goal at Waterfront Resort to create the best experience possible for our customers each and every day. This policy will greatly enhance our customer satisfaction as well as keep our schedule full and flowing. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.